Manchester United's set piece coach hire is a gift for Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United made a number of key additions on the playing side this season, ending with Cristiano Ronaldo’s awe-inspiring return.

United were busy off the pitch too. One important addition was set piece coach Eric Ramsay.

Ramsay was hired by United with a specific brief, to make United stronger and more organised from set pieces defensively, and also in attack.

Conceding goals from set pieces was a big problem for United last season, while it is also accurate to say the team did not utilise them to the max offensively.

Three games into the season the signs are positive. United have not conceded any goals from set pieces, while also looking dangerous going forward. Against Southampton, the team’s best chances were created from corners and free-kicks.

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A gift to each other

Now Ramsay has been given a real gift, the addition of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s movement and aerial ability is world class, and he is a player Ramsay will be thrilled to be able to work with.

For Ronaldo, the hire of Ramsay is also an added bonus. Having a dedicated coach who can help maximise his threat from set pieces will make him even more dangerous.

United can be creative to get the best out of Ronaldo, and also use him as a decoy to enable other players to take advantage of key situations.

United’s work with Ramsay became apparent in the pre-season game against Everton, with Harry Maguire netting from a cross from a corner.

United have created five chances from set pieces so far this season, and the number will no doubt inflate with Ronaldo on the end of crosses.

Luke Shaw, Bruno Fernandes, Alex Telles and even Juan Mata are experts when it comes to set piece deliveries and each of them will be keen to strike up a connection with Ronaldo.

Ronaldo can produce from open play too, but if the club can turn him into an even bigger weapon from dead ball situations, then his goal tally really has no limits.

Ramsay is likely hard at work already analysing how he can best utilise Ronaldo to create an even bigger threat.

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