Tough challenge now faces United to secure missing £10m sponsor amid Glazer protests

When Manchester United secured a long-term shirt sponsorship deal with TeamViewer earlier this year, it finally answered the question over how the club would replace Chevrolet.

United had been trying to do so since early 2020, and the club were boastful at securing a major post-pandemic deal when the TeamViewer contract was announced.

The total deal with TeamViewer is worth £235 million, SkySports reported.

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This is actually less money than the total paid to Chevrolet, a reduction from £64 million a year to £47 million a year, by £17 million.

The reasoning behind this, explained ESPN, was that Chevrolet doubled up as the club’s automobile sponsor.

This has left United on the lookout for a new automobile sponsor, with a deal worth £10 million a year targeted.

Now there is a problem

The protests against the Glazer family could hit United hard in the pocket.

The scale of the protests have made international news, and supporters are determined to make United a toxic brand commercially, to force the Glazers out.

Just this week fans announced a sponsor boycott, sending a highly-publicised letter to 50 companies associated with United, that supporters worldwide would be boycotting their products.

An antagonistic online approach has also seen TeamViewer’s online reviews deluged with negative feedback from United supporters.

In light of all of this, what company in their right minds would sign up to associate with United right now, especially at the price the club are looking for?

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The anti-Glazer feeling is so strong right now, that any company signing up with United would be signing up for a PR-nightmare.

Even if these fan protests only serve to delay the club’s business, it will certainly cause inconvenience at a time when they are trying to close a multi-million per year deal.

At best, they could scare off potential partners altogether, highlighting how toxic the Glazer brand has become.

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