Hung out to dry: Manchester United players deserve our full support

Manchester United’s disgraceful actions in attempting to create a breakaway European Super League have been met with furious response.

Supporters, pundits, and even current players have come out strongly to unite against the plans which are threatening to destroy football as we know it.

United are at the forefront of this. Co-owner Joel Glazer is said by The Mail to be the vice-chairman of the new Super League.

So United must take the blame, the jeers, and all of the backlash coming their way. The club has acted shadily, and cowardly, lacking the conviction to even tweet out their plans on social media.

But you know who does not deserve the flak, and will get it anyway? The manager and players.


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Hung out to dry

Manchester United’s players will bear the brunt of it. Liverpool got a taste of it last night.

United are away at Leeds this weekend, and a hostile reception awaits. You would get those at Elland Road anyway, but this will be different.

There will be banners, T-shirts aimed at taking digs at United, and that’s just inside the stadium.

None of the United players can be happy with this. Bruno Fernandes has already expressed his displeasure, while two academy players have sent critical messages out.

According to The Mail, Ed Woodward held a Zoom call with the players to try and explain the club’s stance. Their response was said to be ‘lukewarm at best’, with another source claiming some were ‘seriously unimpressed’.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reportedly found out about the plans less than an hour before kick-off of Sunday’s match.

It is Solskjaer who will be thrown to the lions later this week when he faces the media at his pre-Leeds press conference.

All the talk will be about the Super League and Solskjaer will be judged on how he responds to it, while he is in an impossible decision.

Meanwhile Ed Woodward and Joel Glazer continue to go into retreat, and say nothing.

All that work for nothing?

The sickening aspect about this, is that the players could lose what they have earned this season.

Possible sanctions include points deduction in the Premier League, meaning no Champions League qualification if it were to go ahead next season, or even being kicked out or suspended entirely.

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United could be booted out of the Europa League at the semi-final stage. It feels unjust, and yet, from an objective perspective, entirely understandable.

But where the players are concerned, it is grossly unfair. Some of them have played 50+ games this season, put their families at risk by travelling abroad in the pandemic.

United’s players are close to silverware, and high league placing. They have worked hard for it.

It is a betrayal from above that they could lose out on all that, and it is frankly disgusting that Woodward, Glazer and co, have decided to do this at all, let alone during the season.

The players have been completely hung out to dry, and while we are all angry at Manchester United, the brand, as they will like to see themselves, the players deserve our full and unequivocal support.

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