There was a surefire sign the Premier League was back last week when Jurgen Klopp began sniping at Liverpool’s competitors.

Of course Klopp brought Manchester United into it. He told ESPN: “What United are doing, I don’t know how they did it. We have our own way to do it. We are allowed to spend the money we earn, that we always did.

“I’m never surprised about the financial power of Chelsea, City or United, I’ve been here long enough to know they always find a solution to these things.”

Ignoring the fact Klopp spent £75 million on Virgil van Dijk and £67 million on Alisson before the pandemic, admittedly funded by Barcelona’s foolish Coutinho deal, and the Liverpool boss’ concerns about United are much ado about nothing.

United have bought two players this summer, Jadon Sancho for £73 million and Raphael Varane for £34 million. At those prices alone, the deals are stupendously good business, with both players valued far higher a year ago.

Manchester United Training Session
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Spread the money out

The Athletic report United are spreading the payments out for both Varane and Sancho, so that minimal figures are being paid each summer.

The Varane deal is being paid over a four year plan, and Sancho over five years. That means United are spending just over £8 million on Varane this summer and around £17 million on Sancho.


While these installments will be paid for years to come, it is easy to see how much more manageable they are like this.

It is in contrast to previous deals for Harry Maguire and Bruno Fernandes, pre-pandemic, in which cash was all paid up front.

One more deal left?

The lack of big commitment this summer may leave room for one more transfer. Especially if that spending plan is spread out too.

United will look to move a handful of players on before the end of the window. Despite Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s suggestions otherwise, it is very possible Jesse Lingard ends up being sold, raising money.

There is still hope among fans that a late move for a defensive midfielder could be done. If the right player is available, a lack of funds is unlikely to be a valid reason United don’t get it done, instead it will simply be a lack of desire.

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