Manchester United Supporter's Trust issue statement after meeting with Prime Minister

The Manchester United Supporter’s Trust has held a meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the Super League proposals put forward by the club.

United have put forward proposals to breakaway from the Champions League and move into a locked-in Super League from which they are guaranteed entry every single year.

The plans have received huge opposition, and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has voiced his concerns already, and has now held talks with MUST.

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In a series of tweets, MUST say ‘we were struck by the sense of commitment from the Prime Minister’, while also acknowledging action will speak louder than words.


The group also plan to meet with opposition leader Keir Starmer, expressing hope of cross-party backing on the issue of football club governance.

Overdue action

Successive Governments have been too weak on football owners, often but not exclusively from overseas, and have let the clubs and league become a billionaire’s playground, or run roughshod with bad management and neglect.

In United’s case, the Glazers were able to take over the club in 2005 based on huge leveraged debt, without having the capital to buy the club outright.

It was a decision which should never have been allowed, and the leagues and Government are now dealing with the snakes in charge who have been allowed time to plan and plot a carefully devised overhaul of football as we know it.

Hopefully Government intervention is not too little too late. This could be a turning point for fan ownership models like the ones which exist in Germany

This is a chance for Johnson et al to bare teeth, and show they are not all talk. We have heard his words, and so have MUST, and now it is time for action.

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