Gary Neville, David Beckham, Eric Cantona: Thank you, we won't forget

The European Super League lasted two days. Manchester United announced withdrawal from the charade last night.

The club had no choice. Other teams had signalled intent to pull out, and opposition was growing stronger and stronger.

With sanctions facing the team, on and off the pitch, the Glazers had no choice but to mount a U-turn.

Amid all of this, we should not gloss over the contribution of Manchester United’s legends.

They stepped up when the club needed them, with Gary Neville blazing a trail which left no stone unturned in his efforts to rally the football world against the plans.


Photo by James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images

Neville was like a one-man army, launching daily tirades on Sky, prompting the masses to join his cause.

It wasn’t long before they did. Neville’s former teammates David Beckham and Eric Cantona both had their say on social media against the plans, which would have ruined football.

Rio Ferdinand also spoke eloquently on BT Sport against the proposals.

Even after United withdrew, Neville kept going. He told Sky this is the moment for the Glazers to leave. They have outstayed their welcome.

This is the Gary Neville fans have been crying out for since 2005.

He was a player then, and without social media it was not so easy to speak up. Neville told Sky on Monday night he admitted he had been complicit in not speaking up against the Glazers for too long.

Now he is stepping up as the hero we need. His impact will not go ignored.

These former players recognised the tricky position the current players were in, and led the way.

This helped inspire the likes of Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, and Luke Shaw to get involved too and voice their opposition.

The dust is still settling on a crazy few days. Above all else, we say ‘thank you’ to Gary Neville, along with Beckham and Cantona.

All three are true United legends who spoke up when supporters needed them.

Years on, they are still delivering off the pitch even if they cannot do so on it.

It is inspiring, and we are truly grateful and thankful. Their contribution to helping to rid the world of the Super League mess will not be forgotten.

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