Edinson Cavani will return to help Manchester United at the perfect time

Edinson Cavani’s three match ban was this week described by Uruguay’s player association as an ‘injustice’.

For United, it is an inconvenience to negotiate with Cavani set to miss two cup games against Manchester City and Watford, in addition to his recent absence from the league win over Aston Villa.

But there is a silver lining which might just work out perfectly for United if his teammates can step up and win the two cup matches.

Cavani would be returning at the perfect time for United’s Premier League challenge to roll back into action.

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Turf Moor threat

Cavani will be eligible to return for United’s game in hand against Burnley this week.

This is a match United have been waiting for, and there are high stakes. A win or a draw will move the Red Devils to the top of the table.

Cavani is the perfect player for this kind of match. His combination of work rate, finishing ability and aerial strength will pose a real threat at Turf Moor which might just be too much for Burnley to handle.

The added factor too is that Cavani will be fresh, having last featured for United on December 29 against Wolves.

All of his goals for United so far have come away from home. This bodes well for Cavani’s first two games back in action in particular.

Cavani – whoaaah

One of United’s most famous wins at Anfield came courtesy of Cavani’s former Uruguay international teammate Diego Forlan.

Wouldn’t it be magnificent to see Cavani repeat the feat, and earn a memorable chant of his own about ‘making the scousers cry’.

Cavani is a big game player and will relish the challenge of playing at Anfield, whether as a starter or from the bench.

His return for these games will give the squad a mental lift, whatever happens in the cup matches.

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There is a lot on the line for United, a real opportunity. Potentially, with wins in both league games, United could be six points clear of Liverpool at the top of the table.

Cavani can be a real galvanising factor for United in these matches. He’s a winner, and a major difference maker. He has already helped United to victories over Southampton and Everton with his goals.

It is a real relief he is not banned for these two upcoming league games, and will be able to have an impact on two key fixtures in what appears to be, whisper it, a title race.

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