Cast your minds back to Manchester United’s last defeat, a 2-0 loss at home to Burnley.

It was a depressing evening at Old Trafford and it sparked anger among fans, with a poorly executed walkout protest planned for the following home game against Wolves.

In between those home matches, United decided it was time to finally pay up for Bruno Fernandes, the midfielder who the club needed last summer, yet decided was inessential.

Fernandes has come in and shown he should have been signed all along. United are now 17 games unbeaten.

This strong run of form has on the face of it, eased pressure on the ever-disliked owners of Manchester United, the Glazer family.

United supporters are enjoying the moment, rather than dissecting the reasons for seven years of failure, which all land squarely back on the Glazers, chief executive Ed Woodward.

But this positive mood may only last for so long.

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Settling is not enough

This strong run from United has only increased the appetite for more.

A FA Cup or Europa League win to top off the season will not be enough to satisfy fans. Not with Liverpool fans crowing about winning their first title in 30 years.

There is a danger that the Glazers will look at United’s run of form and decide not to invest.

Last summer while United ‘spent big’ on Harry Maguire, the sale of Romelu Lukaku meant the overall net spend by the club was just £60 million, reported the MEN.

That is not exactly the considerable investment United needed, and the results have demonstrated this. The team may be playing well now, but we are 35 points behind Liverpool.

It is not good enough, even though this late season form has allowed us to begin to be hopeful once again.

Has anything changed from two years ago?

United need to be aggressive in this upcoming transfer window. Now is the time to build on what has turned from a poor season, into one which has fans dreaming of a title challenge next season.

This squad needs more. United cannot let Ole Gunnar Solskjaer experience what Jose Mourinho did in 2018.


Mourinho achieved 81 points and United finished second. The club signed just two first team players, Diogo Dalot and Fred.

The side imploded months later, a result of Mourinho’s frustrations. The Glazers did not provide the funds for players which were required to build a title winning team.

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Easy excuse

The global economic climate makes this a testing time. It is also a ready made excuse for the Glazers not to spend.

The Evening Standard even reported in February that the money spent on Bruno Fernandes mid-season would be taken out of the club’s summer budget.

Will United make a half-baked attempt to sign key target Jadon Sancho, and then blame failure on the financial crisis?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has earned the right to buy the players he wants.

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If the Glazers let United down this summer it would be unforgivable. This team has real promise, and this is the time to invest, not stand still.

If it goes wrong, the summer of 2020 will like 2018, be viewed as a missed opportunity.

Other clubs will be pushing to improve. Chelsea have already signalled their intent with deals for Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech, and they are no done.

The Glazers are not ‘off the hook’ simply because the belated Fernandes deal has given us a few reasons to smile.

Even if the club do make significant summer signings, the club’s owners will continue to have questions to ask.

Why the lack of communication? What plans are there to reduce the club’s debt?

Is there a new lucrative sponsorship deal in the pipeline? What plans are there to renovate Old Trafford?

The questions over their ownership will continue. The goal is to win the Premier League title, and the Champions League. Just qualifying for the competition is not enough.

Until we win the top trophies, and the club has a debt-free future, the questions from fans should be relentless.

The owners are under more pressure and scrutiny this summer than ever before, even if the discontent is not quite as vocal right now. United fans demand that the club get it right this time.

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