Rio Ferdinand posts angry message over Manchester United's lack of apology

Manchester United announced the club’s withdrawal from the proposed European Super League last night.

It was an astonishing climbdown after the club proudly announced the participation in the new league set up on Sunday night.

And yet, something about the message was lacking. There was no apology.

Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Arsenal, to their credit, posted on their Twitter feed: “We made a mistake, and we apologise for it.”


United made no such apology, and have been called out for it by former Red Devils star Rio Ferdinand.

He asked ‘Is that it…’ after the club’s curt announcement which simply read, ‘We will not be participating in the European Super League’.

For many, Ed Woodward’s resignation was a start. The club announced the chief executive’s impending departure shortly before the Super League withdrawal.

But it really does not go far enough, as Ferdinand makes clear.

United did a huge amount of damage to the club’s reputation with this. And they backed out, because others led the way. They had no choice.

Liverpool’s owner John Henry posted a video admitting he was wrong, and apologising, on social media this morning.

The Glazers are silent as usual. And that’s one more added reason why they simply have to go.

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