Manchester United a rebel with a self-serving cause as FIFA join fight against Super League

Manchester United co-owner Joel Glazer declared this week his intent to rip up European football as we know it, and form a European Super League.

In a statement on the club website, Glazer claimed this would ‘open a new chapter for European football’.

Well it certainly would, and not a good chapter. The 12 clubs involved so far want to operate a cartel, a closed shop, receiving £300 million each for participation, which would skew the competitiveness of domestic leagues.

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The whole point of qualifying for the Champions League, is the battle to earn the right to be there.

For a team like Tottenham, who have never won the Premier League and look unlikely to do so, what is the incentive to kick on domestically, when their place in the Super League is already locked in?

Opposition is mounting

FIFA has joined UEFA in strong opposition of Manchester United and the other 11 clubs’ Super League plans.

FIFA have the power to ban players competing in World Cups, the one competition truly recognised the globe over as better and more prestigious than the Champions League.

Of course, we recognise the planned Champions League reforms are not ideal either. Can’t either UEFA or this Super League cartel leave what works, alone?

The Government is also getting involved, and this could be the real key to blocking it.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already come out in opposition, and The Guardian report he could enact a change to the law to outright ban the clubs from joining the Super League.

Labour leader Keir Starmer wants to go even further, and potentially force the Glazers to sell Manchester United, calling on Johnson to deliver.

He told The Independent: “I would be open to different models, and would look at any models that the government puts forward but if it has to be legislation then it has to be legislation.

“The government is talking a good game, it has the power to bring forward legislation, and it now knows the other parties would almost certainly support it so the government has within its power to do something.”

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What are they fighting for?

United look like rebels with a weak cause at this point. The club cannot even bring it on themselves to tweet out their plans for the Super League, because they are fearful of the humiliating backlash.

Why are they so desperate for this? Why are they so shamelessly self-serving?

It is an embarrassing time to be a United fan. Supporters are genuinely ashamed of the club, and wondering what direction the future holds.

The club has made clear they do not care about the fans. And that, is a dangerous, slippery, and treacherous slope.

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