Even Manchester United’s senior players have Ronaldo-fever.

Bailly has been away with the Ivory Coast and featured as they beat Cameroon 2-1.

Now after arriving back in Manchester late yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo quickly became a priority..

Bailly posted a message on Instagram with the caption, written in French: “Back in Manchester after a difficult game. Let’s go for a training session with Cristiano.”

Be careful Eric

Bailly has earned a reputation for being pretty haphazard during his time at Manchester United, often ending up injuring himself in the process.

Well, United need to be careful with a generational talent like Cristiano Ronaldo, who is 36 after all.

The idea of Eric Bailly getting over-enthusiastically carried away in training and accidentally hurting Ronaldo is not a pleasant one.

And it was a thought on the minds of several United supporters….


Bailly has been making dodgy decisions

Bailly has not played any football for Manchester United since the Europa League final. He has mostly been with the Ivory Coast.

He has contributed to much of the somewhat genuine worry about whether he could hurt Ronaldo, with a couple of silly decisions for the Ivory Coast.

Bailly made an error leading to Spain’s last minute equaliser at the Olympics, before giving away a penalty in extra-time. He had earlier scored in the match.

This week he gave away a penalty against Cameroon with a reckless flying kick.

Bailly has a way to go to restore his reputation and it won’t be easy, due to his situation at United.

Raphael Varane’s arrival means Bailly is down to fourth choice. Prior to this, Bailly had played just 106 appearances in five seasons.

Training with Ronaldo may be as competitive as it gets for him. As one user wrote on social media, it would be sensible for Solskjaer to ensure he and Ronaldo are on the same team.

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