Paul Pogba looks pretty happy at Manchester United right now.

Forget the latest report from the MEN which says his future is no closer to being resolved, we knew that anyway. What we can establish is what we see with our own eyes – Pogba is enjoying being part of the Manchester United squad.

This was evident in pictures from the team’s training session, the players boarding the flight to Spain for Thursday night’s Europa League game with Granada, and the players’ social media feeds.

Manchester United Travel To Granada For UEFA Europa League Match
(Photo by John Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images)

Pogba and Bruno Fernandes seemed especially tight, in a series of heartwarming pictures which show how much the two players enjoy each others’ company.

Keeping the pair together has to be key to United’s success, and they just need a world class defensive midfielder to play alongside them.

Fernandes commented on Twitter telling Pogba he hoped the Frenchman had brought a ‘Perudo’ game along with him for the journey, in his two bags plus a suitcase that he travelled with.

What is Perudo?

Perudo is a dice based game also known as ‘Liar’s Dice’ which originated in South America.

It is described as ‘part-luck’ and ‘part-skill’ and involved being able to bluff.


Just the sort of game which would keep teammates amused and help with bonding on away trips.

Manchester United Travel To Granada For UEFA Europa League Match
(Photo by Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images)

A picture of Paul Pogba on board the trip to Granada showed him with his Perudo dice, alongside Victor Lindelof.

We hope Bruno Fernandes was nearby and not too jealous of Lindelof.

It shows how Pogba is in the midst of social activity with the rest of the squad and his departure would leave a hole, off the pitch as well as on it.

Hopefully United’s return journey from Spain will be in good spirits too, although it will be a late one, with kick-off at 8pm.

Hopefully the players are sleeping off a victory as they jet back to England in the early hours of Friday morning.

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