Gary Neville pours scorn on Sky's Ed Woodward report as supporters hit back too

Ed Woodward tendered his resignation from Manchester United this week, a move he should have made after the disastrous summer 2013 transfer window.

Eight years on, there is little patience for Woodward among United fans, and his departure has been roundly welcomed.

Woodward’s resignation came amid the Super League fallout, after clubs had dropped out from the project and United went on to do the same.

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Yesterday Sky Sports released a report which claimed Woodward resigned because he could not support the Glazers’ pursuit of the Super League.

Former United star Gary Neville responded to this report by making clear he simply did not believe it, by posting a meme from classic TV game show Family Fortunes, when the wrong answer is given.

Telegraph journalist James Ducker also made his scepticism on the claims very clear.

It is too late for Woodward to gain any sympathy on this now. He was as much a part of this situation as the Glazers.

He also has a track record of bad decisions during his eight-year tenure as chief executive at Old Trafford.

Woodward’s outgoing press release made no mention of the Super League, and babbled on about how he felt he was rebuilding United effectively.

Well, he can’t claim credit for rebuilding a club which his ineptitude played a huge part in making a mess of.

Woodward is also still in position at United until the end of 2021, so if he felt that strongly, he would be leaving immediately.

Instead Sky’s report reeks of Woodward PR, with the outgoing chief executive attempting to save face and paint himself as a man of principle and a hero in this whole charade.

The reality was, Woodward was quite happy to go along with the Super League plans, until the backlash started being heard.

Neville can see right through the spin and is not afraid to make that point and let supporters know that Sky’s report may not quite be a proper representation of events.

Ultimately, the reasons for Woodward’s departure is a case of ‘who cares so long as he is going’, but it feels important that he should not be able to get off this with his reputation intact.

Supporters were also quick to criticise the report on social media along with Neville.

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