Why provisional UEFA plans can benefit Manchester United over rivals

A plan is still being formulated over how to complete the rest of the football season, if it is not abandoned.

As we noted yesterday, we are grateful United still have plenty to play for if it does restart.

The provisional way UEFA are proposing to resume the season may suit United.

Photo by UEFA – Handout/UEFA via Getty Images

Sky Sports report that UEFA want to complete domestic seasons before the Europa League and Champions League.


From a health perspective, this would delay the need for cross-country travel as long as possible.

Suits United’s aspirations

For a team juggling three competitions, this suits Manchester United.

It means United would be able to focus solely on the Premier League, and however the FA Cup is mixed in.

There will be no travelling abroad between league games for United.

The benefits of this are, more time to focus on domestic fixtures, more training time, and less time and energy spent on both travelling and actually playing midweek fixtures.

Compare this to top four rivals Chelsea, who are already effectively out of the Champions League after a 3-0 home leg defeat by Bayern, and Tottenham and Arsenal who are already knocked out of European competition.

Photo by UEFA – Handout/UEFA via Getty Images

Only Wolves remain in Europe like United of the teams competing for top four spots.

Teams like Chelsea and Tottenham could have had an advantage had the season carried on as normal, as they rested up while United spent energy on Europa League quarter-finals and beyond. A potentially big distraction will be gone.

While UEFA’s plans are yet to be finalised, this proposal makes plenty of sense and seems likely to us. United are well placed to benefit from it.

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