Why we should be grateful United have given us exciting return to look forward to

Back in October and November if you had been asked about ripping up this season and wiping it from the record, every United fan would have taken that.

There are still reasons to want that. The main one being Liverpool’s near certain title being taken away, when it was so close.

Yet there seems to be real pressure within the game and from television companies to complete the season no matter what, no matter when.

SkySports report the June 30 season deadline will be pushed back by UEFA, and there is a determination to finish this season before starting the next, whether that goes into August even.

With the season being dragged out for the sake of the final two months, we should be grateful that United still have plenty to play for.

Photo by UEFA – Handout/UEFA via Getty Images

Remaining games actually matter

When the season continues, United have plenty to play for. Champions League qualification is the big one.

United are also in the FA Cup quarter-finals and are a second leg formality away from being in the Europa League last eight too.

Compare this to 12 months ago. We were out of the cup and were heading out of the Champions League at the hands of Barcelona.

The last couple of months of the season dragged, and saw miserable games like the City defeat, heavy Everton loss, and gaining just one point from two matches against Huddersfield and Cardiff to end the season with a whimper.

We couldn’t wait for last season to end. This season we would have been wanting it to carry on. That’s the feeling we were left with.

Thankfully if the season does continue, there are matches worth playing. The situation would be so much worse if this campaign was dragged out to August or beyond, for a series of dead rubber matches.

After a poor start, United have done well to get back in contention and become one of the most in-form teams in Europe.

Returning at that peak level could be difficult, but at least the form of the past few weeks before the break has seen our season recover, and give us a chance of success which had looked to be slipping away after that miserable home loss to Burnley.

We signed off with happy memories, namely that fantastic home win over City. There should be plenty more where that came from.

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