Manchester United appear to be getting a lot closer to finally securing a deal for Jadon Sancho.

Here is a look at three reasons why a transfer appears to be getting closer to completion…

Fabrizio Romano says it is

Renowned transfer oracle Fabrizio Romano reports for The Guardian that talks are at an advanced stage.

He claims that United would pay closer to £90 million initially, although this may be spread out, and a further £18 million in add-ons.

He reports talks are at an ‘advanced stage’, although there is no firm agreement yet. For weeks and months Romano has insisted the move will take a while to get done. Now there appears to be movement on this front.

The line about his contract length also offers an indication that United are getting closer to sorting the finer details.

(Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images)

The German press report United’s new approach

Last night German newspaper BILD reported that United were looking to split the payment for Sancho across three years.

They essentially say the same as Romano except that the initial £90 million will be split in payments of £63 million this summer and £27 million in 2021. The report adds Dortmund are open to accepting this offer, when it formally arrives.


Dortmund are not being adversarial over this. They accept Sancho is willing to move on, and would like to get a deal agreed so they can focus on their own transfer business.

Sancho was back at Dortmund’s training complex today, in what could be his final week in Germany.

Ed Woodward is making a show of it

Ed Woodward was pictured on his way into Carrington today, with the Manchester Evening News publishing a picture of him in sunshades behind the wheel.

Normally this would just be ‘man arrives for work’, but combine the image with the previous two pieces of information and you can see what it is building up to.

Woodward is a man who loves to make a show of it, loves to take all of the credit and none of the blame, and has absolutely no desire to keep a low profile. If the Sancho deal gets done this week, he wants everybody to know he was involved.

It feels like his presence at Carrington this morning signalled the start of an important week. If he wants the credit for the Sancho deal, then it is time to earn it, and conclude the deal swiftly over the next few days. It feels like everything is falling into place.

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