Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo tweet gets an angry response from supporters

Manchester United sit a lowly seventh in the Premier League table. When it comes to social media interactions, the club are in a league of their own.

Perhaps the club had this in mind when posting a tweet celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic celebration this week.

The time for celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival at the club is long gone. That’s not us being party-poopers, there is simply nothing to celebrate right now.

Ronaldo signed for United looking for a title fight, and looks like he will have to settle for a battle to just get into the top four.


Even with Ronaldo currently United’s top scorer with nine more than any other player at the club, it’s doubtful any fan is running round shouting ‘Siuuu’ right now.

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Read the room

Compared to a year ago when United surprisingly surged to the top of the Premier League table, the mood among the fanbase has sunk lower than anybody could have anticipated.

That’s not Ronaldo’s fault, although some would argue somehwhat unfairly that he has played his part, but it’s clear his signing has not been the ‘missing piece’ in the United jigsaw like many supporters hoped it might be.

With no permanent manager in place since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s sacking, United need some direction. The time for blindly believing Ronaldo would fix everything has long gone already.

Responses to United’s message were highly critical, with opposing fans mocking the tweet, while responses from United supporters were just as vitriolic.

Ronaldo needs more help

Ronaldo cannot do it all by himself. He has been let down by his teammates since he joined, with the United players lacking the same winning mentality he has, and the quality he needs around him.

United’s midfield is substandard, and the club’s attacking players have failed to deliver. Bruno Fernandes has scored twice since the opening day of the season, while Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford have 1 goal in their last 21 appearances combined.

Can Ronaldo do more? Probably, but there should be a limit on what any club expects from a 36-year-old forward, who has 14 goals in the first half of the season.

The sooner United start making improvements around Ronaldo, then United will enjoy more success on the pitch. This can come down to better coaching, smarter recruitment, and more highly motivated players.

Just don’t expect 100 Siuuu’s a day. Ever.

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