George Galloway, a former politician, has taken to Twitter and has claimed that Manchester United will have ‘comprehensively failed’ Mason Greenwood if the club release him.

The Mason Greenwood situation is sparking huge debate among Manchester United fans. It’s a very sensitive issue, with a lot of ethics in question.

The saga has been going on for some time, and ultimately fans are just desperate to know the outcome, which should be coming in the following days.

Until then, fans will be debating as to whether they believe the forward should be coming back.

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Politician is on the side of a Mason Greenwood return

George Galloway is a British politician, broadcast and writer, who is currently the leader of the Workers Party of Britain. He is also a firm supporter of the integration of Mason Greenwood back into Old Trafford.

He took to social media the other day to give his thoughts on the situation. The Tweet read:

“Manchester United are a football club not a Twitter account. If reports are true they have comprehensively failed their duty of care to a young footballer”

@masongreenwood and his partner and their child. The false friends of the club, the virtue-signalling wokers appear to have gravely harmed the life-chances of a young mother and her child. Such a triumph for ‘feminism’.”

An interesting viewpoint on it, which goes against the vast majority.

A stark contrast to most…

Most are on the side of Mason Greenwood to be released.

The introduction of Greenwood back to United would be, to say at the least, an unsettling one.

It would undeniably disturb the dynamic and would really tarnish the relationship with some fans. So much so – that some have already stated they’ll stop supporting the club.

Manchester United have to navigate around this very carefully. It’s of the utmost importance.

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