Manchester United remain at a stalemate with Borussia Dortmund over Jadon Sancho.

A seemingly complicated deal is, from the outside, pretty simple. Pay Borussia Dortmund’s asking price, or walk away.

Dortmund have not budged from their demand for 120 million Euros (£108 million) which BILD reported at the start of August.

Somewhere along the line, United have decided that paying £108 million for Sancho would be a failure.

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It’s tiresome

United are tired of being held to ransom by clubs in the transfer market. In this instance, the club have made the worst possible moment to try and make a stand.

In January, United were successful in signing Bruno Fernandes for less than Sporting’s asking price, and likewise with Aaron Wan-Bissaka last summer.

United did cave in to sign Harry Maguire last August, however.

Whoever is making the decisions in United’s boardroom is thinking too hard about this one.


They have decided that paying £108 million for Jadon Sancho would be a failure, by meeting Dortmund’s asking price, especially considering the current financial market.

Bigger failure is on the horizon

The real failure would not be paying up for Sancho. That would be seen as cause for celebration, and make millions of United fans happy.

The team would be improved immeasurably, with United signing up a special player for the best part of 10 years, while easing pressure on the club’s already talented attacking assets.

The big failure would not be paying up for him, it would be failing to sign him, as United look to be on the verge of doing.

MSV Duisburg v Borussia Dortmund - DFB Cup: First Round
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Sancho’s price is unlikely to drop in 12 months time.

There will be added competition from other clubs next summer, and he could be offended by United’s reluctance to pay up in 2020.

With an extra season of Erling Haaland playing alongside him, and potentially going on to star at Euro 2021, Sancho’s price tag could soar next year to make £108 million look like a bargain.

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