Joining Manchester United has to be getting even more tempting for Kieran Trippier

It has gone a little quiet on Kieran Trippier to Manchester United and that’s perfectly fine for now.

Spending on a right-back as competition for Aaron Wan-Bissaka should be viewed as a luxury move for United when there are bigger squad holes to fill in midfield and at centre-back.

For now United have cover with Diogo Dalot and Ethan Laird, although the situations of both players could change this summer with offers coming in and potential loans.

So we would fully expect a potential move for Trippier to come back onto United’s agenda in August, once the summer has begun to shake out. One report from Sky claimed Atletico were asking for over £43 million, so United were right to walk away for the time being.

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Trippier may hold the cards

The way the situation can change is if Trippier expresses a desire to leave Atletico and join United.

England’s success at Euro 2020 is going to make this even more tempting.

Trippier is part of England’s side to reach the semi-finals, playing 205 minutes of the tournament to date.

The Athletic reported last month Trippier is keen on returning to the UK, has even looked at houses in the north-west.

Being a part of England’s Euro 2020 heroics is going to make it tougher for him to head back to Spain at the end of it.

Trippier is spending time with Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho and would surely jump at the chance for this to continue at club level.

Knowing he could link up regularly with Sancho on the right at club level has to be an attraction.

While he has had success in Spain with Atletico, he has done what he went there for, and could be a big asset for United by offering an alternative to Wan-Bissaka, who was overplayed at times last year and has made 100 appearances in just two seasons.

From a football point of view it makes good sense for Trippier to move on now and seize the opportunity to sign with United.

If he ends up leaving Spain next summer, as it will be inevitable eventually, United may not be waiting for him. Trippier’s options may be diminished, and he could have to settle for a club which does not inspire him to much. The chance to join United does not come along every day.

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It’s up to Trippier how much he wants to push it and demand a move by submitting a formal transfer request. It may take that to drive down his price.

From an emotional standpoint, England’s Euro 2020 adventure is going to make him feel even more connected with his homeland, and keen to return to the Premier League.

The move may ultimately depend on what money United have left over from other deals, and how much is raised from selling fringe players. But if Trippier misses out, he is likely going to feel disappointment and regret at seeing a great chance to join the biggest club in England pass him by.

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