Comparing Manchester United's reported Sancho plan with offer they wanted

Manchester United are prepared to offer a total of £90 million in a take it or leave it deal for Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho, report The Mirror and The Star.

This is less than the total £108 million Dortmund want for Sancho, but there is one element of the deal which could make it tempting for the German club.

This is because the breakdown of the offer will see Dortmund get more money now than they originally wanted.

United’s offer will consist of £75 million in cash immediately, with a further £15 million in add ons.

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What Dortmund were looking for

German newspaper BILD reported at the start of August that Dortmund wanted the fee to be paid in installments.

Specifically, this would have involved £63 million up front this summer, £27 million next year, and a further £18 million in 2022.

This did seem like a no-brainer from United’s perspective and it is frustrating the club did not meet these demands.

Now the big question is whether getting an extra £12 million up front makes that big a difference to Dortmund that they accept the offer, even though it would mean getting less overall.

Only deal on the table

It’s important to recognise this is the only deal Dortmund currently have to consider. So if they need money now, they have to take it seriously.

Like all clubs, they will be feeling the pinch of the pandemic, although they may get fans returning to stadiums a little sooner than United.

BBC Sport report German football is trialling supporters in stadiums in limited capacity, with close to 10,000 fans in at once, providing a bit of much needed revenue.

Dortmund reported losses from the pandemic last month of more than £30 million already, Sports Pro Media reported. They are in no immediate trouble, with Hans Joachim Watzke saying: “We have succeeded in generating such a high level of assets that we can withstand this pandemic for a very long time.”

An extra £75-90 million can always help however.

United are not immune either, and could lose £140 million in total, The Telegraph report.

That’s why there is concern over spending big over Sancho, and why United believe committing £75 million up front is reasonable in this climate.

But ultimately it is only a sensible offer if Dortmund accept it. If not, United are no further forward.

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Jadon Sancho: Why Manchester United want him

  1. Sancho had a prolific 2019/20 season

    Sancho ended the season with 20 goals and 18 assists, finishing as Dortmund’s top goalscorer.

  2. Creative star setting assist records

    Sancho provided 16 Bundesliga assists this season. This was the most recorded by a Dortmund player since 2004/05.

  3. Sancho became the youngest ever player in the Bundesliga to score 15 goals

    He set this record in his first season, breaking a record which had stood since 1967.

  4. Sancho has 34 first team goals for Dortmund

    This is more goals at the age of 20 than either Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi had scored in their careers.

  5. Gets better as games go on

    14 of Sancho’s 17 Bundesliga goals this season were scored in the second half of matches as he wore opponents down, along with 12 of his assists.

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