The big reason Manchester United are not pursuing Cristiano Ronaldo right now is due to Edinson Cavani.

And it is worth asking, in the small window which remains, are United backing the right horse?

In a situation where Cavani is fit and firing, and fully committed, then the Uruguayan is fully worth his place at United.

Cavani has been the best number seven at United since Ronaldo left in 2009, and he has only been at the club for one season.

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Trouble brewing

Cavani is fiercely committed to Uruguay and trouble is brewing. As it stands, he is set to be blocked from playing for them in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

The Premier League announce earlier this week at the behest of all clubs, that players from ‘red-list’ countries including Uruguay, will be banned from the forthcoming internationals.

Cavani would miss three international games, which for Manchester United who pay his wages, is preferable to him missing two Premier League games and one Champions League game as he quarantines upon his return.

The same charade would happen in October, with Cavani set to miss Manchester United v Liverpool, if he were to travel.

Cavani is not happy, expressing puzzlement on social media at the Premier League’s decision.

Now a report from Uruguayan outlet Sport890 quotes Uruguayan FA president Ignacio Alonso, stating: “Tomorrow we will draw up the list with all the players. The tickets are already issued. I spoke with Cavani and I believe that the solution will come.”


Wanting to play for his country is no crime, and Cavani is understandably torn.

But from Manchester United’s perspective, wanting to protect our own interests is entirely justifiable. Unless the Government are able to drastically reduce or eliminate quarantine time for the players, then Cavani and United are on a collision course.

Uruguay v Colombia: Quarterfinal - Copa America Brazil 2021
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Swap Cavani for Ronaldo?

One solution for all this, while the transfer window is open, is for Manchester United to give Juventus a call.

If United can engineer a swap deal for Cavani and Ronaldo, everybody is left as a winner.

Ronaldo could sign for United and avoid ruining his legacy at Old Trafford, and reclaim his number seven shirt.

Juventus would get a top striker as a replacement for Ronaldo.

Cavani could sign for one of Italy’s top clubs and he would not face the same red tape restricting him from international duty, with Serie A not adopting the same stance as the Premier League.

And City would be left with nobody. It almost seems too perfect.

Deals like this are not easy to pull off, let alone with under a week to go.

But this would solve two issues. Cavani seems ‘half in’ as opposed to being totally committed at United. And nobody wants to see Ronaldo in a City shirt.

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