Andreas Pereira meets Flamengo fan group and promises to stay and put error right

Andreas Pereira’s contribution to Flamengo’s Copa Libertadores final was best described as catastrophic.

The Manchester United loanee gave the ball away in extra time, and Palmeiras went on and scored a winner.

Pereira received support from some of Brazil’s big names, with Neymar and Kaka responding to his post on Instagram.

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What next for Pereira?

Pereira is on a loan deal until next summer. Flamengo have an option to buy, as opposed to an obligation.


Flamengo manager Renato Gaucho has lost his job, with Globo Esporte reporting he has left the club and will be replaced by an interim. This development in itself places Pereira’s role in doubt.

Pereira is attempting to make amends. This week he met with the leaders of Flamengo’s biggest fan group, the Raca Rubro-Negra, which has more than 50,000 members.

Gazeta Esportiva report Pereira personally apologised for his error. The meeting went well.

Leader of the group, Anderson Macula, told Pereira: “You didn’t make a mistake because you wanted to.”

He then added: “I think there was no lack of commitment [from the team]. This boy, Andreas Pereira, has an enormous quality. You can’t excoriate the boy for a mistake, anyone can make a mistake.”

Pereira himself has made quite a commitment. He has pledged to stay and atone for his error.

The Manchester United loanee said: “Thank you for the strength and all the affection since I got here. What I most wanted was to win. It’s very sad, but you can count on me that I’ll stay here until we win the next one.”

This is quite a show of commitment from Pereira, showing that he believes he still has a future at the club beyond his loan spell.

Whether Flamengo will feel the same way is another matter. He is still under contract at United until 2023.

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Split opinion on whether Flamengo should re-sign Pereira

Pereira has scored five goals in 18 games for Flamengo since he joined on loan from United, plus one assist. That obviously is outweighed by his crucial mistake in South America’s biggest club game.

Flamengo’s future decision on Pereira was a talking point for outlet UOL Esporte, and both Brazilian journalists questioned doubt whether Flamengo will renew his deal.

Renato Maurício Prado said: “I don’t think he has to be crucified and I don’t think he has to leave Flamengo [immediatly]. That’s my opinion. Zico lost a penalty in the World Cup that cost him Elimination of Brazil, Roberto Baggio kicked a penalty in the clouds that earned him the fourth Brazilian in the World Cup. Players make mistakes. I would not crucify and I would not renew.”

Andre Rocha added: “I don’t think they’re going to renew his contract with him. Unless you have the support and approval of the new coach and the new management.

“I think he got burned and it’s going to be difficult. It was a very big defeat, one of the Flamengo’s big defeats because it was one of the greatest games in Flamengo’s history. And his mistake was crucial, decisive.”

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