Manchester United’s chief executive Ed Woodward has been attempting to explain the club’s strategy.

Woodward has released a series of interviews, with comments making feature pieces in every national newspaper on Friday morning.

As usual with Ed Woodward, it’s all talk and gusto, and there really does not seem like there is anything to cling onto and feel positive about.

He comes across as a dictator in denial as his empire falls down around him. United sit in 12th position and could end this weekend as low as 19th place.

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What did he say?

Woodward gave the usual spiel about United’s commercial strength.

He told The Telegraph: “Like other football clubs, our commercial business allows us to reinvest in the football side. It’s how these two interact with each other at Manchester United that results in us having a competitive advantage in this area.”

This would be fine if United reinvested the money properly. Instead only three players were signed.

Untied will end 2019 with a lower net spend than Aston Villa. What commercial advantage exactly do we have?

Woodward also denied that United focus on commercial aspects instead of on pitch matters. This seems plainly misleading based on the evidence of the past seven years of his tenure.


He said: “What’s important is the commercial side is never allowed to take priority over the football side. There is a myth that we have non-football people making football decisions, and I think it’s insulting to the brilliant people who work on the football side in this club.”

Woodward may earn brownie points from his staff by defending them but he is fooling nobody.

He went on to praise the research the staff do before recruiting players. We tore this apart earlier this week, assessing the many poor decisions United made this summer.

It is United supporters who feel insulted by Woodward. He should be resigning after overseeing several failed rebuilds since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement.

Woodward’s interview comes as part of a PR push to defend himself with his position coming under scrutiny. Oliver Holt wrote in The Mail last weekend that Woodward should be fired.

If it was meant to win fans and media over, from our perspective it has not worked. Woodward looks more deluded than ever, refusing to admit mistakes and take responsibility for his ongoing errors of judgement.

Supporter reaction

Here is a look at how United fans reacted to Woodward’s interview…

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