It’s an interesting point in the summer with Manchester United’s transfer window teetering between success and failure.

Two players have been signed, each of who look to be good additions.

But if that’s it, just Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Dan James is not a good enough return. The Sun‘s claim a deal had been struck for Harry Maguire appears so far wide of the mark.

It’s time to look back on an optimistic statement from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in early May, claiming he was inundated with players wanting to sign for United.

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Solskjaer was quoted by United’s official website: “You would be surprised how many agents have been touting their players. 

“Not touting – that’s not the best word, is it? It’s just like telling us that their players, their clients, would love to be a part of Man United in the future.

“That’s just the lure of Man United, because they [prospective signings] know the potential here, the size of the club, and that we will, in the end, get back to good days.”

Solskjaer’s comments were factoring in the team missing out on finishing in the top four.


Given how his comments raised expectations, the return of just two players has been disappointing.

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Of the two, only one, Aaron Wan-Bissaka has played top flight football before, and just one full season under his belt.

What has gone wrong? Solskjaer’s comments suggested the transfer window would be easy. It seems anything but.

Ed Woodward and his team of negotiators are making hard work of each deal.

Wan-Bissaka’s clear desire to join United backs up Solskjaer’s comments to a small degree, we just need to see more.

It’s not too late to salvage the transfer window and make it a success.

If not, either Solskjaer was misinformed in early May, or United are incompetent and indecisive. It could be a combination of both.

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