Uncertainty over sporting fixtures has led to queries as to whether and when this season’s games will be played.

A packed fixtures schedule means there is little room for manoeuvre to re-schedule games.

Nevertheless, this is what Gary Neville has suggested, rather than play games behind closed doors, that the season is delayed.

Neville speaks as a co-owner of Salford City first, and Manchester United supporter and pundit second.


Nonetheless, he makes a credible point, and this week City’s game with Arsenal becoming the first Premier League game to be postponed.

One radical idea is to scrap Euro 2020 and postpone it to summer of 2021, if there is an enforced break of all European club football for a two to four week period.

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Delays can benefit United

Theoretically we could be left in a situation where Premier League matches are ongoing through to late June.

This is a boost to United as it means Marcus Rashford could return to play a more significant role in the club’s season.

Rashford is currently fighting to be fit for Euro 2020 this summer and the tail end of United’s campaign.

Speaking to the club website last week, Solskjaer said: “As any player, he wants to be fit as quickly as possible and play as soon as possible, if that means playing in April, if he’ll be fit for us towards the end of the season, fantastic. If it takes longer, it takes longer.”

Having Rashford back to link up with Bruno Fernandes is an exciting possibility.

United could really benefit if the season is extended and the forward gets a whole month of games, or more, back with the team.

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The other option could work against United. Solskjaer was quizzed about the season ending early.

He told the club website he would understand if the authorities made the decision to shut the season down.

While potentially that could deny Liverpool a title, it may also leave United without enough time to wrestle fourth spot from Chelsea.

In this case he more time there is, the better, especially if our players get another break, and end up with a fully fit Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba late into an extended season.

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