Manchester United fan walkout planned to go ahead in 68th minute

A planned protest among United supporters against Wolves is being co-ordinated for the 68th minute of Saturday’s game.

Resentment has been building towards owners the Glazers and chief executive Ed Woodward.

Last week’s home defeat to Burnley featured supporters chanting angrily, and leaving seats early in a 2-0 loss.

Two wins have followed in away games, along with a big name signing of Bruno Fernandes, but there remains an appetite to show frustration this weekend.

The Mail report: “The Manchester United Supporters’ Trust emailed fans on Thursday night urging them to recognise the upcoming anniversary of the 1958 Munich air disaster by applauding after 58 minutes and then on the 68th minute, ‘walk out of the stadium and head to the Munich memorial, the pub, home, wherever you prefer.'”

An initial idea had been to walkout in the 58th minute, but this caused split opinion and the 68th minute has been chosen instead, representing the year of the club’s famous European Cup win.

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Bigger than one signing

This is about 15 years of decline under the Glazers and seven years of mismanagement under Ed Woodward.

United have fallen further and further away from challenging for the title an this season have just 34 points, less than half of Liverpool’s tally of 70.

This is far bigger than signings, it is about supporters being fed up of being treated like customers and seeing commercial interests prioritised.

The club are in record amounts of debt (CNN), with net debt spiralling in 2019 by an extra 55 per cent.

Owners the Glazers also fail to communicate with fans and detail their strategy for managing this debt, or their plans on the sporting side.

Will the protest have any effect?

It is difficult to say if the Glazers will take any notice, but it is important for United supporters to take a stand.

The game against Wolves is televised live on Sky and visually it could be powerful if supporters start streaming out.

The club could try to combat this, by bringing on Fernandes close to that time, to try and keep fans in seats.

It is difficult to say how many of the thousands of fans in attendance will buy in, will it be a small number of a hundred or so, or several thousand? Ultimately it is down to individual choice of those with tickets to the game at Old Trafford.

Even so, it is important for supporters who want to protest, to try.

This protest is not the end game either. It is viewed as just the start.

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