Manchester United winger Jadon Sancho is currently training away from the rest of the first team.

Last week Manchester United made the decision to further blow up the Jadon Sancho situation by releasing a statement confirming he will train alone until further notice.

It came after manager Erik ten Hag dropped Sancho from the squad against Arsenal and blamed the winger’s application in training. Sancho hit back on social media to dispute his manager’s comments.

During the international break manager and player did not get together and resolve their differences. If anything, it seemed like they grew further apart.

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John Wall Birthday Celebration
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Jadon Sancho trip to New York

During the international break Jadon Sancho flew to New York along with teammate Aaron Wan-Bissaka, and was pictured at a party held by NBA player John Wall.

Marcus Rashford flew to New York last spring during an international break while he was injured, and players taking holiday is not unusual.

However, the optics of Sancho jetting out to ‘party’ at a time when Erik ten Hag had questioned his commitment in training, certainly raised some eyebrows.

Former United star Rio Ferdinand believes it was an unwise choice on Sancho’s part.

Speaking on Five via YouTube, Ferdinand said: “I don’t understand why Jadon would allow that picture to go anywhere. You just don’t go out. Why are you pouring petrol on the fire?

“The fire is blazing right now. If you are going to pick a picture to antagonise, that would be it.

“Don’t go out the country, get on the training pitch, get your studs on the grass.”

Uncertain future for Jadon Sancho

It is unclear what view Erik ten Hag took of Sancho flying to the USA. He might have been more impressed if Sancho had followed Ferdinand’s advice, and gone straight out onto the training pitch.

However, on the flip side, Sancho may simply have wanted to get away from it all and decompress, in the hope he could resolve his future upon his return.

Not even a temporary truce appears to have been agreed with manager and player. Sancho was pictured watching the under-18s at the weekend while his teammates were at Old Trafford losing to Brighton.

As it stands, United will fly out to Germany to face Bayern Munich without Jadon Sancho as part of the squad, barring a dramatic turnaround.

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