Four new questions about Manchester United's Jadon Sancho move plan

Can we go back to simple times? On March 2, The Telegraph reported Manchester United were frontrunners in the chase to sign Jadon Sancho.

A fee of £100 million is described as being required to convince Borussia Dortmund to sell.

Right now, everything we know has changed temporarily as football stops, and there are fresh questions to be asked about a potential deal. Let’s go…

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Will the club still be able to afford such an expense?

United will be hard hit by this financial crunch, everybody will be. Can a club really extend to paying a £100 million transfer fee on a player after this?

Let’s remember United have not broken the transfer record paid for Paul Pogba in 2016. We have come close, but this is a rare deal if it comes off.

There is likely to be a backlash against this type of excessive spending in the media too if the financial climate gets worse. That won’t stop United paying up, but its just worth bearing in mind.

Sancho is not the only player United need. A striker and defensive midfielder are required in addition to a winger, at least. Can the club still afford to commit so much of a likely reduced transfer pot towards one player?

The best bet is for Sancho to push for a move and drive his price down. One plus side is that the financial climate may weed out United’s competitors.

Will more players have to be sold in order to buy?

It is looking more likely right now that United will have to make a sacrifice this summer, amid concerns a money-spinning tour may not happen for pre-season, and questions over television money for this season.

Paul Pogba is the likely candidate, but this is dependent on finding a buyer at the right price. This was already difficult due to his injury.

Another candidate is David de Gea, with Dean Henderson a ready made replacement.

Aside from these, Phil Jones, Jesse Lingard, Marcos Rojo, Andreas Pereira, Chris Smalling and Alexis Sanchez are all candidates to be sold.

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When will a move even happen?

One of the big questions about this potential transfer is when it might happen.

The whole football calendar has been thrown off-kilter, with clubs committing to a ‘as long as it takes’ approach to the season.

This means the transfer window could be put back accordingly too. Instead of trying to sign Sancho by June, it could be that the window only ends up opening in August once the season is complete.

We know United aren’t quick negotiators either, so this saga could drag out.

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How does no Euros affect the price?

One positive from this if United want to get a deal done this summer is no Euro 2020.

Sancho’s involvement in a prominent role for England had the potential to move his £100 million price tag into something even more ridiculous.

Imagine a scenario where Sancho led England to winning the tournament, or even if he score goals to lead us to the semis. The hype could end up leading to figures of £150 million being floated around, and that would be too much.

Dortmund are out of the Champions League, so if the season is completed, so his price is unlikely to rise for on-pitch reasons.

If United do have the money, this summer is the time to get the deal done. Don’t allow it go onto 2021 and let us face the same threat with the Euros next summer. Let him go there as a Manchester United player.

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