Ed Woodward and Glazers sucking life out of Manchester United

This is no over reaction to a defeat to Liverpool. The 2-0 loss at Anfield was entirely predictable.

The players gave us reason to be proud with the effort they put in. But did they ever stand a chance of winning the game?

It says a lot that we were in with a chance of claiming a point until injury time. But this is not about the players.

The problem at Manchester United starts at the top with the Glazers.

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Non-communicative and self-interested

United’s owners do not speak to the fans or even offer brief statements as lip service to their goals.

They appear interested simply in using United to make a profit, and invest the absolute minimum.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may be and probably is out of his depth, but Jose Mourinho had the perfect CV and also got nowhere fast under the Glazers.

Ed Woodward may merely be a Glazer puppet, but he’s a major problem now.

A Radio 5 Live caller last night likened Woodward’s stewardship of United like putting Stevie Wonder at the wheel of a Formula 1 car. It’s hard to disagree.

But this has not been a big spectacular car crash. It has been slow, a death by a thousand cuts.

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Lack of direction

Woodward is hiding behind a planned United rebuild. This is merely to buy himself more time amid growing pressure.

If United were serious about a rebuild, there would have been a proper strategy heading into this transfer window.

Instead there clearly was no plan, and Solskjaer is talking about possible loan deals.

United’s midfield was ignored in the summer and now a consequence of failing to sign a replacement for Romelu Lukaku is a serious back injury for Marcus Rashford.

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Hard to even get excited about transfers

Remember the days when United would step in, sign a player, and it would all be done within a matter of days?

That was pre-Woodward. Now it’s incredibly painful to track. The Bruno Fernandes saga is a case in point.

At this stage we have little faith United will get him. Woodward is haggling over a fee, offering two-third of Sporting’s asking price plus ludicrous add on incentives. It’s almost as if he wants to annoy the selling club.

This saga is entering it’s second week and at this point, the buzz which was generated over a week ago has quickly subsided.

Woodward is like a vampire sucking the life out of United and it’s fanbase, led by the money obsessed overlords the Glazers.

You can debate formations, different players, managers, all day long. But it’s re-arranging furniture on the Titanic.

Until one of Woodward or the Glazers go, or both, United are sinking.

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