Ed Woodward’s continued presence at the top of the Manchester United rung is a continued insult to the fans.

His unchallenged position is a consequence of owners the Glazers’ preference to put finance and commerce ahead of on pitch success at the club.

United are in steep decline, sitting ninth in the league, 22 points behind leaders and bitter rivals Liverpool.

Woodward has got nearly every single big decision wrong during his six years in charge, and now he appears to be trying to buy himself more time.

The chief executive has been speaking again to United We Stand, BBC Sport report.

He said: “It’s a multi-year squad evolution analysis. It’s hard enough to get three players done in a transfer window. To get six or seven done is extremely difficult if you are getting proper talent.”

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‘Multi-year squad evolution analysis’

Management speak like this is why Ed Woodward is not, and never will be a football man.

He is a banker first, and should be concentrating on the commercial side of the club.

Instead he refuses to relinquish any power on the football side and United are hamstrung by his poor decision making.

The club made only three signings in the summer when six or seven were needed.

This came after a year in which Woodward admitted refusing to meet transfer demands from Jose Mourinho, when just two senior players were signed.

Woodward’s comments are insulting to supporters because they are simply not true.

It can be done

This summer Real Madrid signed six senior players, while Atletico Madrid made 11 signings.


Borussia Dortmund added six, Inter Milan signed as many as 12 players, and even this weekend’s opponents Aston Villa brought in 12 new faces.

For Woodward to state it can’t be done is incorrect, United are simply choosing not to.

As a result the squad is half-complete, and we are left playing catch up on the pitch.

Woodward is trying to buy more time by framing this as a long term project, spending money slowly but surely to eventually get it right.

This supposedly patient process takes a hit if results get so desperate that United have to sack the manager and move on, which is a possibility heading into this big week of matches against Spurs and City.

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Out of his depth

Woodward says signing multiple players of the right quality can’t be done because he is out of his depth.

Last year United signalled plans to hire a director of football, but this has not happened, because he does not want to relinquish power.

A director of football appointed last February would have had a clear cut strategy heading into this past summer. Even after the window there has been no progress. United seem to have abandoned the idea completely.

We are left hoping for game-changing January additions, but Solskjaer’s comment last week that Paul Pogba returning from injury will be ‘like a new signing’ was ominous. [Talksport]

Woodward’s words suggest prepare for none in January or one at best. And then another 2-3 next summer.

He is reluctant to give up power to a professional, which is so frustrating when directors of football like Luis Campos and Ralf Rangnick have expressed desires to at least talk over a role [Mail].

So instead United are left with corporate management speak like ‘multi-year squad evolution analysis’.

It’s an insult to match going fans, enough to make supporters sick.

No wonder we are sitting in ninth place in the league level on points with Burnley and Crystal Palace. Analyse that Ed.

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