Axel Tuanzebe made his return to Manchester United’s starting line-up in the midweek fixture with Leicester City.

While good to see Tuanzebe back among United’s starters, he did cause a little stir by wearing a device on his wrist during the game.

(Photo by PETER POWELL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Tuanzebe caused some confusion with some viewers believing him to be wearing a smart watch, wondering why he did not take it off for the match.

Tuanzebe was wearing a Whoop

One tech company was quick to correct social media users, and point out that Tuanzebe was wearing their device. The United defender was wearing a Whoop fitness tracker.

Tuanzebe was wearing a fitness tracker, with Whoop claiming to have, ‘the worlds most powerful recovery, fitness, and sleep tracker.’

The device isn’t cheap, requiring an up-front fee, plus a monthly subscription.

Tuanzebe can gain an edge in his personal fitness by tracking his recovery, especially with another game due to take place in just two days.


There are no rules against players wearing tech like this. Players already wear GPS tracking devices which enable clubs to analyse their movements and collect data.

The Mail reported last year how several Premier League clubs used fitness tracking devices to monitor players’ activities during lockdown.

It was rare to see Tuanzebe wearing the device, but this could be the norm in the future.

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