Pereira wants Pogba to stay at Manchester United

Andreas Pereira has told the Evening Standard he wants Paul Pogba to stay at Manchester United.

Amid the debate about Pogba’s future, what has been noticeable is the silence among his teammates until now.

Whether they have been instructed by the club not to comment, or simply chose not to, Pogba’s future had been a topic area they skirted around.

Not in Pereira’s case, who spoke strongly about the importance of keeping the Frenchman.

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Pereira said: “In the group he is a great person. It will be very important if he stays with us. He is a very good player and top class as a person as well.

“I learn from him every day. He is one of my closest friends. I have been here with him since 16, so he is like family to me.”

“I might steal his phone so he doesn’t speak to anyone!”

Pereira is hoping to land a midfield spot alongside Pogba this summer.

Obviously if Pogba went, Pereira might have more opportunities, but he is sensible enough to realise how important the Frenchman is to the team.

And after all, it will be easier for Pereira to play alongside Pogba than not. He is making sure Pogba knows he is wanted.

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It’s looking unlikely Real Madrid or Juventus will be able to pay the fee required for Pogba in any case.

One aspect which will be annoying is that the Serie A transfer window stays open until August 23, and La Liga until September 2.

That means the Pogba situation could drag on and on, and obviously at that point we cannot sign a replacement. Pereira needs to hide Pogba’s phone for a long time.

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