This week rumours linking Carlos Tevez with a shock return to Manchester United sprang up. It was like 2007 all over again.

We will get into the how and where the reports came from, as it is important to denounce the lack of credibility behind them.

United are obviously desperate for a striker. And if there was a chance of getting the 2007/08 Tevez without the baggage caused by his departure, then great, but that’s not reality.

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Where did the rumours come from?

Tevez to United was reported by all the national newspapers, from The Sun, The Mail and The Mirror.


All three cite Italian newspaper Tuttosport, which is notoriously unreliable.

The Italian paper simply took an opinion article written by Mark Ogden of ESPN, which suggested Tevez as an extreme option for United.

It took the language in there which suggested Boca could be open to a loan due to his lack of playing time, and presented it as fact. And the British papers lapped it up.

We pointed this out to Ogden, and he responded with shock at the way his article had been mistranslated and then recycled.

Too much history

Ogden rated the possibility of United signing Tevez this transfer window as just 4/10. It’s probably far lower than that.

Tevez was once a great player, and the energy, work rate, and goalscoring ability he possessed would be a perfect fit for this often stagnant United attack.

While we have fond memories of his role in the 2008 Champions League winning side, he would not be welcome back after his move to City.

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Some of his behaviour while a City player was embarrassing. He held up a sign in their title parade saying ‘RIP Fergie’. While The Mail reported he subsequently apologised, the damage was done.

As we have noted, talk of a Tevez return was ‘fake news’ from the very start. But even if it were genuine, the Argentine would not be welcome, even in our hour of need.

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