Neville says Glazers at fault for Manchester United failure and should have fired Ed Woodward years ago

Gary Neville says the Glazers are at fault for Manchester United’s many years of failure and must bear ultimate responsibility.

Neville was speaking on The Overlap, when it was suggested Ed Woodward should take the blame for Manchester United’s current situation and lack of success since Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

Woodward was undoubtedly terrible, an amateur running the biggest footballer in the world. But Neville says ultimately the Glazers should carry the can.

Earlier this year Woodward finally stepped down, with United midway through the club’s worst ever Premier League season.

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Neville says Glazers at fault

Neville explained: “I blame the Glazers, they’ve left him (Woodward) in shop, they’ve left him behind the counter. You can’t have 10 years having a go at it, playing Football Manager. You can have three, maybe have four.

“If you’ve not had success you’ve got to change it. you can’t just change the manager, recruitment style. you’ve got to change yourself.

“Ed Woodward should have been given three, four years to have a go. Once it got past Louis van Gaal, and Jose, after Jose and the mess of that, he had to go at that point – or he had to step away from he football side and bring in a football person, so the Glazer family are to blame for leaving Ed Woodward in situ for that period of time.”

Neville has become a lot more vocal that the Glazers are at fault for Manchester United’s problems over the past 12 months.

Earlier this year, Neville told his Sky podcast that the owners needed to turn their words from a year ago, into action.

“We heard Joel Glazer say some time ago he was going to engage with the fans – flights are open Joel, you can get to Manchester. Let’s see you over here, let’s see you talk to the fans properly.”

There has been no response since, an entirely predictable outcome.

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Neville is not wrong to blame the Glazers for leaving Ed Woodward in charge for too long, and we would take it a step further.

Ed Woodward should have been sacked after his first summer in charge, in 2013, after the only player he delivered for Sir Alex Ferguson’s replacement David Moyes, was Marouane Fellaini.

If the Glazers cared, they would have sacked him there and then. And even now, in 2022, Woodward left by his own decision, rather than being sacked. If it were up to them, Woodward would still be there.

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