Mason Mount has said his goodbye to Chelsea and appears to have been looking forward to this moment for weeks.

Mason Mount‘s move to Manchester United is imminent, with just an announcement pending.

The midfielder posted a video on his Instagram page thanking Chelsea fans for their support.

He expressed that this was the right move for his career, having reportedly agreed a lucrative contract with Manchester United and a deal until 2028.

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Mason Mount haircut

It was not the words in Mason Mount’s announcement which caused a stir – but instead his haircut.

Mount was pictured with bleach blonde hair, while as pointed out by the Talksport tweet below – he was pictured this week with his natural hair colour.

This led many fans and neutral accounts on social media to point out that Mount has had this video saved in his drafts for weeks, with some suggesting he has been desperate to leave Chelsea for Manchester United.

Mount, to be fair, has been on holiday waiting for the two clubs to agree a deal.

The Telegraph reported way back on June 1 that Mount had agreed personal terms with Manchester United.

So it’s probably accurate to say Mount has been waiting for a while for this move to go through, and clearly he did record this goodbye message at least a couple of weeks ago, if not earlier.

If some Chelsea fans take offence to that, well, there’s probably nothing he can do to appease them at this point in any case.

Mount rejected the chance to extend his contract, having expressed last summer he was ‘extremely happy‘ at Stamford Bridge.

Something since has gone terribly wrong, on and off the pitch. Chelsea finished in 12th place last season and cannot offer any European football this term. Manchester United meanwhile offer Mount an instant path back into the Champions League.

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