Jesse Lingard invites criticism as pundit calls on United to step in

Jesse Lingard ended the season for United in terrible form and would have been well advised to keep a low profile.

Instead he is inviting extra criticism with obnoxious social media postings.

Lingard can do what he likes when United are winning trophies. But when the fanbase is at their lowest ebb in recent memory, the midfielder should show a bit more professionalism.

His latest Snapchat video saw him running round a messed up hotel room with his pals, and acting like a teenager. Lingard is 26.

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One pundit had enough, with Ian Holloway telling Talksport that United need to step in. He said he believes United should transfer list Lingard to prove a point.

He isn’t the only one, with Ally McCoist also blasting Lingard’s juvenile behaviour, via Talksport.

Inviting criticism

It should be little surprise that Talksport are seizing on this at a slow time of year in the football news cycle.

Lingard is foolishly making himself a talking point, and many would say embarrassing the club.

Ex-United star John O’Kane says Sir Alex Ferguson would not have stood for it.

There are two schools of thought, one that Lingard should be allowed to have fun and be with his pals, and critics are stuck in the past.

The other is that he is making himself look silly and unprofessional. It’s not the first time, and one issue is that he doesn’t seem to care about the negative attention he creates.


The backdrop of United’s poor performance on the pitch matters. If United were reigning champions, nobody would care.

But we aren’t, and United’s players need to knuckle down and focus. Part of that should mean not inviting extra criticism.

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