Glazers Out - Manchester United fans make a statement

Manchester United fans from across the world joined forces together last night in an impromptu show of anger towards the Glazers.

The club’s American owners have drained financial resources from Old Trafford for too long.

It is 14 years since the Glazers became majority shareholders. Results on the pitch have dipped noticeably in recent seasons.

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It is now six years since United won the Premier League title, and this past campaign was a tough watch.

Last night United fans joined together with a #GlazersOut hashtag protest on Twitter and started trending globally.

The protest was the top trend in the UK, India, Kenya among many others and also in the top spots in the USA.

At the time of writing it was the number one global trend on Twitter, with truly astounding figures.

More than 80,000 tweets were sent worldwide within the first four hours, and rapidly surpassed 100,000.

Ex-United players John O’Kane and Giuliano Maiorana were among those to join in.

Photo by AMA/Corbis via Getty Images

What’s next?

We hope this is just the start of a movement against United’s owners. The ultimate goal is that they sell up, and take Ed Woodward with them.

David Beckham famously endorsed the green and gold scarves back in 2010, but these protests have lost momentum.

This is a chance to step the pressure up, and it needs to build through the summer and be visible at the start of the season when United begin the season at Old Trafford.

Whether this be protests inside or outside the ground, or more social media activity designed to spook shareholders, it’s an opportunity us the fans have built together to now try and take advantage of.

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