A spokeperson for Sir Jim Ratcliffe declared interest in buying a stake in Manchester United with a view to full ownership, via The Times.

This is the light at the end of the tunnel Manchester United fans have hope for – but the Glazers are considering totally ignoring it, in favour of an investment firm, The Mail report.

Ratcliffe is the superior option. He would be focused on putting the club’s on pitch success first, ahead of profit.

He made this very clear when making a late move for Chelsea earlier this year, in an interview with BBC Sport.

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s blueprint shows a vision

Ratcliffe made very clear that profit is not what he is after. The billionaire wants to achieve sporting excellence, and to give something back.

He explained: “If we want to make money, we make money in chemicals, oil and gas. We’re not interested in making money off of Chelsea. The investment is a long-term thing.

“We’re not there for 5 of 10 years, we’re there for the long-term. That’s quite a commitment, that’s quite a lot of responsibility.

“Can we run that club really, really well and turn it into one of the finest clubs in Europe? That’s our ambition.”

He expressed a planned budget to spend £1.75 billion over 10 years, and said he had ‘great intentions’ for investment in the club’s men’s and women’s teams, believing British owners are good for the game in his country.

His investment would have been spread across stadium facilities and players, arguing Chelsea required a world class stadium and capacity. Manchester United’s Old Trafford is also in need of renovation.

Ratcliffe also said in the interview he would be open to buying another club if his Chelsea deal was unsuccessful. He hinted: “Never say never.”

The billionaire was quizzed on why he was bidding for Chelsea when he was a Manchester United fan, and his response was simply that Chelsea was up for sale and United were not.

He did say that even if he was successful in purchasing Chelsea, he would find it tough to support them over Manchester United.

He said: “It’s in your DNA, your original club is deep rooted. It would be a tough one.”

Manchester United require and deserve an owner who cares. This has been lacking for far too long, with the club a shell of what it was, thanks to the disinterested, profit-driven Glazer ownership.

The Glazers have not invested a single penny of their own money into the club during the 17 years they have been in charge.

It’s even possible the £1.75 billion Ratcliffe was prepared to invest in Chelsea, would increase, due to what is required to make the team competitive, and his love for the club.

His plans offer United supporters a tantalising glimpse of what he is willing to do, becoming the custodian of the club the fans deserve. Anything less, would be the continuation of a sporting tragedy.

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