Sir Jim Ratcliffe net worth: Ineos owner wants to buy Manchester United

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has stepped up and signalled his intentions to buy a stake in Manchester United.

A spokesperson for his company Ineos told The Times: “We would be interested in talking with a view to long-term ownership.”

This is a dream resolution for Manchester United fans hoping to rid the club of the Glazers.

Lets look at some key information you may want to know about the potential Manchester United owner…

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe net worth

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is a British billionaire based in Monaco. He is the CEO of the Ineos chemicals group.

He is the owner of French side Nice, where he has tested the waters of football ownership, and has had more success as sponsors of British cycling squad Team Ineos.

Bloomberg’s 2022 billionaire index listed Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s personal wealth at £7.1 billion. CelebrityNetWorth estimate his wealth to be higher, listing him to be worth £15 billion.

The Times reports Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s company Ineos to have an annual turnover of £44 billion.

It was key that an Ineos spokesperson communicated to The Times rather than Ratcliffe himself, indicating a takeover bid would come with his full company power and wealth, rather than being a purely personal venture, and this is better for Manchester United.

Ineos has a five-year sponsorship deal with the Mercedes Formula 1 team, who also share sponsors TeamViewer with Manchester United.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe was born in Greater Manchester and supported Manchester United as a boy. Earlier this year we wrote how United fans were waiting on him, after he expressed a desire to buy Chelsea.

Ratcliffe’s offer to buy Chelsea came too late in the bidding process, and was always doomed to fail. It’s possible he used this to test the waters and attempt to smoke out the Glazers. If this was the case, it may have worked, with the owners open to initially selling a minority stake, which could lead to more.

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