Cristiano Ronaldo‘s interview with Piers Morgan has caused an unwanted headache for Manchester United and made it difficult for him to ever play for the club again.

In the latest excerpt reported by The Sun, Ronaldo has turned his ire on the club’s absentee owners the Glazers.

Cristiano Ronaldo blasts the Glazers

Ronaldo said that despite the Glazers deciding to re-sign him, he has never spoken to them.

He said: “The Glazers, they don’t — they don’t care about, about the club. I mean, professional sport.

“As you know this, Manchester is a marketing club. They will get its money from the marketing, the sport, it’s . . . they don’t really care, in my opinion.”

Asked if he ever talks to them, he responded: “Never. No.”

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Ronaldo using his platform for good as well as bad

Ronaldo’s decision to conduct this interview is a major headache for Manchester United.

His words yesterday that he has no respect for manager Erik ten Hag make it hard to see him ever playing for the club again.

The timing of his interview makes it look like a strategic ploy to get out of the club during the mid-season break.

His decision to put the Glazers on blast has to be welcomed, as much as it is difficult to hear him criticising Ten Hag.

Ronaldo knows he is likely to have his deal terminated, or be paid off and leave somehow, or sold if there is a bidder, and he doesn’t care who is in his path.

Manchester United have been on a rotten path since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, and are now trophyless for the past five years, largely due to a lack of strategy and investment from the Glazers – who spend the club’s money and not their own.

United are in debt by a staggering £500 million, while the Glazers rake in millions from the club in dividends.

Ronaldo is spot on with his comments. The Glazers’ lack of interest in the club is the key to the club’s demise, and their attempts at a quick-fix by re-signing him now look to have embarrassingly backfired.

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