Avram Glazer tells Cristiano Ronaldo story and gets key fact wrong

Avram Glazer has not been seen since he was being chased down by Sky News cameras back in May.

Amid the fallout from the Super League scandal, Glazer went mute and refused to answer questions, even if his brother Joel later attended two fan forum video calls for the first time in 16 years.

Avram Glazer does have a voice, it seems, as he was seen speaking about Manchester United on a visit to his old university campus in Tulane, Louisiana, where he spoke to athletes on the American Football team.

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After telling a story about Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, Glazer then chose to speak about Manchester United.

This could well be the first time he has ever been recorded speaking about United, in a video posted by the university football team’s social media channels.

Except, typically, he managed to get a key fact wrong, claiming United signed Cristiano Ronaldo at 16.

As the BBC Sport report from the time shows, Ronaldo was 18 when United signed him,

Quoted at 1:09 on the video below, Avram Glazer said: “Same with Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United, he joined us when he was 16 years old and from the day he joined Manchester United he was the first person to practice and the last person to leave practice.

“So great athletes don’t just become great, they are not born great, they work extra hard, and they try their best, and you have to do your best, and be as focused as possible.”


Glazer’s visit was well received by one of the students at the university.

As far as Manchester United goes, that was it. We may have to wait another 16 years before he speaks out on the club again – although hopefully they will be long gone by then.

The Glazers took over in 2005, two years after United signed Ronaldo.

In some circumstances you could forgive for getting a key fact like that wrong, but in this case, it goes to underline the Glazers’ lack of football knowledge.

United fans are still waiting for some kind of communication over manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, whether the club will back or sack him in the face of pressure amid poor results.

Where the Glazers are concerned, there has been total silence, leading to extra speculation, and even more pressure building on the manager.

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