There was no sack meeting at Manchester United

If you believe the headlines that regularly reach the top of news aggregators, Manchester United had something called a ‘sack meeting’ last week.
That is the phrasing some of our country’s biggest newspapers opted for in headlines that were misleading and absurd in equal measure.
According to the Express, a meeting between Jose Mourinho and Ed Woodward happened, although it was unclear what was discussed.  Of course it is unclear.  It was a private meeting.  And yet the word ‘sack’ was bandied about time and again.

(Photo by Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Getty Images)

There was also a ‘sack revelation’, which turned out to be Guillem Balague saying United should keep faith with Mourinho.  So not a ‘revelation’ at all…and certainly nothing to do with the ‘sack’.
The pattern is obvious.  Publications know United bring in tens of thousands of views if they reach the top of certain aggregators, so who cares if the headline is a load of rubbish?  All that matters is the click.
United fans know the vast majority of ‘news’ we read about our club is made up.  But it is still galling when it happens.

Transfer rumours are one thing, but the ridiculous and ongoing click-bait surrounding Mourinho and his future is another.
Before it was a player rebellion, but journalists cannot keep making that up when they fought to the very end against Newcastle United.  Now it is ‘sack’ this and ‘sack’ that, but United need unity…and better headlines.

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Vincent is the Senior Managing Editor of Freshered. He was previously Head of Sixth Form at a secondary school in Kent, where he worked with hundreds of 16 to 19-year-olds over eight years.