The summer has only just started yet Manchester United fans could be forgiven for growing tired of the Jadon Sancho ‘updates’.

Newspapers and websites love the Sancho to United rumour. So, it seems, do the countless people clicking on headlines that promise much but deliver little.

United have allegedly agreed terms with the 21-year-old. The same claim did the rounds 12 months ago. All the Red Devils needed to do then, according to the reports, was make a bid.

The cycle of non-news is frustratingly regular.

Time and again, the only thing preventing United fans from taking the rumours seriously was that same caveat: The club haven’t made an offer.

And so it begins once more. United have been tipped to wrap up an early move for Sancho again this summer. Like it will be that easy.

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Few deals are done prior to international tournaments. That is not to say a transfer can’t be done. Only that United will have to dig deep from the outset or see the saga drag on for months.

The media will love that. It will mean even more headlines saying the same thing. And by that we mean: nothing at all.

Ignore all the claims that United are readying a bid. Avoid the reports saying Sancho’s terms have been agreed and the only thing left is for the Red Devils to send Borussia Dortmund an acceptable offer.


There is only one way that Sancho to United becomes more than a click-bait writer’s dream. That is when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side bids big.

United know what to do

United understand how football works. Too often it appears that some of those who write about it do not.

Allegedly in-the-know Twitter accounts pop up hoping to get lucky. Websites stick Sancho and United in ten headlines a day despite no breakthrough from either side.

But things won’t change until United send that offer to Dortmund. That is the key. It is also the reason so many of these reports are pure tosh.

The Germans hold the key. Sancho has a contract until 2023 and he will only be sold if they get what they want.

So, unfortunately for United fans hoping to see a ‘quick’ end to this saga, the one report that matters is that a bid has been accepted.

For now, that is the one thing every claim is missing.

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