Pogba Stokes Mourinho Fire: "There are things that I cannot say otherwise I will get fined"

Paul Pogba has poured petrol on the growing row at Old Trafford by claiming he would be fined if he said what he really wanted to about events at the club.
Pogba posted a bizarre tweet which suggested all was not well after scoring United’s opener against Leicester City on Friday night. His post-match interview seemed to confirm he was unhappy, and in interviews leaked before tomorrow’s papers, it seems as if the player has joined his agent in trying to see if he can engineer a move to Barcelona before the end of August’s European deadline.
“There are things, and there are things that I cannot say otherwise I will get fined,” he said after his tweet which read: “I’ll always give my best to the fans and my teammates no matter what’s going on.”
“I always give my best for the fans, for the teammates and for the people that trust me,” he continued. “With the players that we have, of course we’re Manchester United, we have to look at the top of the league. That’s obvious.
“I mean, Manchester United, we have to show on the pitch, we have to play well, we have to be focused and we need people to trust us.”
“The players let me I would say lead and give me the space to speak as well, and we have the same objective,” he said about his World Cup campaign with France. “Everybody was on the same page. So, obviously it’s easier for a player to be on the same page with all the group – the manager was inside, the physio, the kitman, we were all a group in the team.
“So, obviously it’s easier to go and speak and express yourself, and we went for an objective and the big one was to win.
“When we have everybody with you, everybody next to you know they want to fight for you, obviously it’s going to be easier, you know? It’s going to be easier and it makes the team go higher. United is a different team, obviously. I still enjoying playing football, I still love football and I still give my best with the team, for the team.
“Like I said, when you are comfortable, when people trust with everyone or confident, are good in the head, it’s going to be easier.”
“Having the armband (for United) it’s not like, ‘Oh, I will show that I am a real captain and have to do extra work,'” he said. “No, I just have to be myself and do what I know, do what I can do and do what I know to do. I always love the club. I love the club. I came in the academy, I grew up.
“I came from the academy, I played for the first team. For me, it was a dream come true. And wearing this, it’s even more because of the past, because of the players that played here, the people that have been wearing this. It’s obviously an honour for me.
“Like I said, when I have this, I have the confidence of the fans. They’re all here, they help me, my teammates, obviously it makes me want to give them love and give them good performances on the pitch.”

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