Lisandro Martinez gets visa approved to travel to join Argentina squad after racking up extra miles

Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez will now join up with the Argentina squad in Miami, reports Ole.

Martinez had been unable to link up with the rest of the squad, as he along with Tottenham’s Cristian Romero, did not have a visa to fly to the USA.

The US embassy in London was closed due to the Queen’s death, so the two players have taken a long route to resolve it.

Martinez and Romero flew all the way to Argentina to arrange the necessary paperwork in their homeland.

Ole reports the pair now have their visas and will now fly to Miami for Argentina’s fixture with Honduras. They are expected to arrive shortly.

Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Extra distance for Martinez

This unfortunate delay has created extra travel time for Martinez he probably could have done without.

The Manchester United defender has had to fly 7,290 miles from the UK to Argentina, and then 4,550 miles from Argentina to Miami, a total 11,840 miles round-trip.

A flight from the UK to Miami is just 4,400 miles in length, by comparison.

After this travel time, Martinez will only get one day to train ahead of the match on Thursday if fit to, and probably won’t play against Honduras in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The Argentina squad then fly 1,280 miles from Miami to New York after the game for their next fixture against Jamaica in the early hours of Wednesday.

Martinez will then have his flight back to Manchester ahead of the derby, by which point he will have racked up 17,500 miles in flights over the international break.

It was always due to be a long haul for Martinez – but this extra trip to Argentina has really added to it.

This would have been one international break it would have been great for Martinez to miss. It’s a shame the Argentine FA did not just let him skip it.

Manchester United need Martinez in peak condition ahead of his battle with Erling Haaland. It’s unclear whether he will be.

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