Are we sure Paul Pogba can be part of a successful Manchester United?

It certainly does not look as though the Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba axis has much time left at Manchester United.
Barring a rapid turnaround, Jose’s days at Old Trafford look numbered, with United reeling from their worst start to the season in recent memory.
Pogba will stand to be one of the clear beneficiaries from a Mourinho departure. But is he really the player we should be clinging our hopes to?
The Frenchman was supposed to be the key to United regaining success. It hasn’t worked out. Some of that can be blamed on Mourinho, a lot of it perhaps. But the player has to step up.

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Against Brighton it wasn’t Mourinho misplacing passes, or going missing in midfield against West Ham. These are the sort of games Pogba should be dominating, and he hasn’t been able to.
In just over two seasons at the club, Pogba has 13 league goals, a figure which includes penalties. We certainly expected more.
The big question if Mourinho goes is whether Pogba will be the player United want him to, regardless of who the next manager is.

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United want to build the side around him, but cashing in and starting afresh is beginning to look like something worth considering.
This is Pogba’s third season, and he is not at the level United need him to be. At times it does really look like he’s losing interest.
It’s uncertain whether his game is suited to weekly Premier League domination and if he has the mentality for it. How long can we wait for him to prove it?

Nothing would be better than seeing Pogba lead United to glory, but it might be time to accept that at this stage we are chasing a dream, and if there is no improvement, it may be best for all to move on entirely.

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