Exclusive: United Legend Proposes Stunning Tactical Move For Derby

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has been given a surprising tactical suggestion for this weekend’s derby game from a legend of the club.
Paul Pogba’s suspension has given the manager a headache, not least because of City’s own threat through in-form Kevin De Bruyne. But United legend Gordon Hill believes Mourinho might nullify the danger posed by the Belgian and has proposed an interesting way of doing so — using Jesse Lingard as a man-marker.
Mourinho used Ander Herrera in a similar role last season to mark Eden Hazard, a job he did very well, and Hill believes that Lingard can do the same job on De Bruyne.
“I think Jesse’s got the engine to stay with him,” Hill explained, speaking on the United In Focus podcast. “I would say Jesse, this is your job, stay with him, if he goes to the bathroom then you go with him. City have two creative players, Silva and De Bruyne, and their other midfielders are not as impressive when you take the creativity away.”
Hill says that he is worried the absence of Pogba will hurt the game as a spectacle.
“If you haven’t got anyone to expose them, you’ll end up with the same scenario as before (the Liverpool and Chelsea games), and more than likely it will be 0-0, all this hype for nothing,” he admitted.
You can listen to the UnitedInFocus podcast here.

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