Exclusive: The Stunning Breakdown Of Man City's £237m Move For Bilbao's Laporte

Manchester City have been linked with a move for French defender America Laporte. Sky Sports Spanish football correspondent Guillem Balague reported today that City would pay ‘€65m+€5m in developing rights’.
Laporte, who is yet to play for the national team, would become the second most expensive defender in the world, which is quite a surprise considering the reputation of Pep Guardiola for having fixed his team’s defensive issues.
Sure, Guardiola admitted in December of last season that he would not coach tackling, and sure, City’s defensive record has improved since the world record transfer arrival of Ederson in goal, and the circa £130m spent on full-backs to follow up the £50m signing of John Stones last season.
As we all know, those figures actually don’t count for anything, as the improvement is all down to City’s coaching, and it’s all just a giant coincidence. Take John Stones, whose form has drastically improved alongside those better players.
Recently, as Stones kept his place in Cup games and looked as average as he was last season, you might think that gives weight to the common-sense theory that being surrounded with better players would make him better, but you’d definitely be wrong. It’s all down to the coaching.
And should Laporte sign, despite what seems like a large fee, as we all know, his current ability is in fact due to the fact that he has heard that Guardiola is a huge improver of players, and should he step into the City team and play like a £70m player, that is only because of Guardiola’s coaching.
So why is a United website commenting on a City transfer? We stumbled on some exclusive documents handed to us by the trustworthy Matt Wilkinson who recently reported this story on Alexis Sanchez so there is no doubt it’s legit.
And we can exclusively reveal that Laporte’s fee is actually going to amount to a staggering £237m.
We believe there must be an embargo in the general press as to date, all reporting of the Laporte deal has so far only included Bilbao’s contracted buy-out clause, and as we know from their thorough and unbiased reporting of the Alexis Sanchez move, every minute detail and cost must be documented in a completely truthful and transparent matter.
And, thanks to the Rt. Honorable Mr Wilkinson, we can exclusively reveal the staggering components which make up this almost QUARTER OF A BILLION deal.

  • The fee of 70m Euros, converted to pounds, is £61m.
  • A STAGGERING salary of £15m per year in a five year contract after regular tax and IMT (imaginary media tax).
  • AN INCREDIBLE £17m signing on fee.
  • A STUNNING £6m agent cost.
  • MOUTH-WATERING £36m in non-identified fees because Manchester City are not accountable to anyone
  • £5,000 in club-sponsored Nissan car journeys
  • £25,000 cost of medical at City’s training ground.
  • A down-payment of £100,000 to protect against future, absolutely unsuspicious anti-doping regulation breaches.
  • £1.5m medical in Spain.
  • A £2.5m extra medical at Doctor Fuentes’ house.
  • £20,000 in private jets to Manchester to conclude the deal.
  • £2 on paper used to print contract.
  • £200 on printer used to print contract.
  • £15 on ink cartridges.
  • £10 on pens used to sign contract.
  • £300 secretary fees on drafting contract.
  • £2.8m house (£2,869,483 after all fees).

As you can see, this is a heck of a lot of money to throw on a player, particularly as it goes against Guardiola’s tried and trusted methods of bringing through young players which have accounted for most of City’s success so far. Indeed, our sources confirm that Guardiola is livid and is close to quitting as the Spaniard is well known for putting morals above money.
More as we get it.

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