The topic of Manchester United’s refusal to run a women’s team has been a hot one for those in that area of soccer. We can exclusively reveal that a legend of the club has put his name forward to help establish a female side at Old Trafford.
United have constantly been under fire for their refusal to set up a women’s team, particularly in the light of Manchester City’s success in that area. Last June, Richard Arnold told a fan’s forum there were ‘no plans’ to introduce a team and it is believed that the club have not seen the avenue as a lucrative enough one to go down.
When the existing team was dissolved in 2005, it was reportedly “not part of the core business”. The trophies won by the former United women’s team were on the high window sills of the cafeteria at the Cliff training ground, far away from the Old Trafford museum.
But in this progressive age the question has continued to be asked and we can reveal that United legend Gordon Hill has not only become the latest voice to suggest the club should have a women’s team, he’s actually offered to manage it.
Hill has a rich history of coaching girls; in the last decade, he was worked with girls and young women from under 10’s all the way up to college age in the United States and has a fine reputation for doing so. There are few, if any, better qualified than Hill to take such a position – a player with a strong link to the club’s history and his own coaching history makes him the ideal candidate to either work as manager, coach or Director of Youth.
Hill told us that he would “love” the opportunity and we understand that contact has already been made with the club. He believes United do need a women’s team and one which assumes the tradition of the men’s team for attacking football.
There has been the suggestion in recent months that the club have been revisiting the idea and the FA reportedly hope that United will in fact start a team in time to support their bid for the 2021 European Championships.
With Hill’s ambition to lead the charge, those in support of United getting a women’s team back together may finally have the momentum in the campaign they need.
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